19 Touristy And Not So Touristy Things To Do In Slovenia

things to do in Slovenia

There are many fantastic things to do in Slovenia. This small country bordering with Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria has much more to offer than you’d imagine. From the beautiful Julian Alps with endless hiking opportunities to quaint villages; from the charm of Ljubljana, the capital city, to the many scenic lakes and clear rivers; … Read more

Sustainable Glamping At Big Berry Slovenia


Big Berry Slovenia is a fantastic glamping site located in the beautiful, lesser known region of Bela krajina. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the nature and culture that this region has to offer.  Located in Primostek, on the border with Croatia, this luxury resort is the kind of place where you can completely relax, … Read more

A Short Guide To Bela Krajina, Slovenia

Bela krajina

Also known as White Carniola, Slovenia’s region of Bela krajina is the kind of place you have probably never heard of, but which you are bound to fall in love as soon as you set your eyes on it.  Located at 90 km south-east of Slovenia capital Ljubljana, Bela krajina is the most rural and … Read more