Where To Stay In Amman

things to do in Amman

Often overlooked for more famous destinations in the country, Amman, the capital of Jordan, is actually quite a fun place to visit. The city center buzzes with life, packed as it is with colorful markets, souvenir shops, archeological sites and an incredible amount of small restaurants and cafés. Amman is the largest city in the … Read more

11 Unmissable Things To Do In Nazareth, Israel

things to do in Nazareth

A popular pilgrimage place for Christians, Nazareth is more than meets the eye. I must admit it took me a few trips to actually appreciate its charm, but once I did I kept going back for more! Known as Nazerat in Hebrew, and En-Nasra in Arabic, this is the largest Arabic town in the country, … Read more

A Concise Guide To Acre, Israel

Acre Israel

Acre is a beautiful historic city situated in a natural harbour on Haifa Bay, jutting out into the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Also known as Akko in Hebrew and Akka in Arabic, this northern gem in Israel’s crown has roots that date back thousands of years – and all just a stone’s throw … Read more

Where To Stay In Jerusalem

where to stay in Jerusalem

Finding a place to stay in Jerusalem is not hard: scattered around the best Jerusalem neighborhoods you will find all sorts of accommodation options – from luxury to boutique hotels; from mid-range places to budget friendly hostels. However, your experience of the city will vary a lot depending on where you opt to stay. Some … Read more

11 Best Day Trips From Jerusalem

day trips from Jerusalem

While you won’t have shortage of things to do in Jerusalem, you will be happy to know that you can go on many day trips from Jerusalem. Indeed, the city is a great starting point to visit many other places in Israel and the West Bank. Some day trips are easy to do independently, others best … Read more

Is Dubai Worth Visiting? 21 Reasons To Visit Dubai

visit Dubai

The pearl of the Middle East, Dubai is really worth visiting and you should consider going. Many people think that Dubai, one of the hotspots of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the last place on earth they should travel to. Yet, there is something magnetic about this city that will inevitably draw you to … Read more

21 Things To Know Before You Visit Petra, Jordan


You absolutely must visit Petra during a trip to Jordan. Most of people in my generation dream to visit Petra since having watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the cinema. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra is absolutely massive, and although you may think that you can simply show up and wander around … Read more

The Best Places To Visit In Israel

places to visit in Israel

There are many beautiful places to visit in Israel. Israel is home to some world famous tourist attractions – places you have heard about on the news, or saw in documentaries etc. With Jerusalem being a Holy City to the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – many tourists go there on pilgrimages … Read more